January 30, 2015

1/30/15 - Back in action

After a rather dismal couple of weeks of being way off-schedule, I am back to almost-punctual reading plans!

I've got a couple challenges to complete this week. One is The Sweetheart, which is the January checkmark for the "Read One Debut Book Every Month of 2015" challenge. (I'm not sure how to shorten that.) It's the story of a female wrestler in the 1950s, all of which sounds pretty fascinating to me. Not to mention the cover is gorgeous. Excited for this one.

The next is a book for my Nonfiction slot, Unapologetic by Francis Spufford. As far as I can tell, Spufford is a British religious writer; Tullian Tchividjian has quoted him a few times in his sermons, and the quotes are nothing short of awesome. So I'm also looking forward to this one, even though my success with religious nonfic has been almost purely negative outside of C.S. Lewis's nonfic.

Hopes for this week: that Prophecy of the Sisters will be not-sucky as I fear it will be, that Unapologetic will be as inspiring in whole as the snippets were in part; that The Sweetheart won't be your typical navel-gazing uber-feminist debut attempt; that Cinderella: From Fabletown With Love will be as spectacular as it sounds; and that I will be able to get the taste of Paper Towns (not shown) out of my mouth really, really soon because I don't like it.

Joyous Reading!

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