Projected Reading List

Fifty challenges, fifty-three books. Going down in the order presented on the list:

* I've never read a book that scared me. Unwind had that one scene that horrified me but it didn't scare me. So I'm not sure what I'm going to do about this one.

** I'm not sure if there is a book that I was supposed to read for school but didn't. Pretty sure I read all of them. If I have, then I'm just going to reread Cyrano de Bergerac because it's been way too long.

*** Prague, if you're curious. I hope this book is set in Prague, anyway, or at least partly. I could have gone for The Unbearable Lightness of Being but honestly - with all due respect for its reputation - it sounds like a drag.

**** Come on, who hasn't wanted to pick this book up out of sheer morbid curiosity?

***** You try living on the highway in the Middle of Nowhere, Southern AL, and see if you can find a book set in your hometown. I'm settling for home state.

****** For the sake of transparency and honesty, I will admit that I only want to finish this book so I can write a long trash-rant about it. Possibly the most boring smash-hit dystopia I've had the displeasure of beginning. At least Divergent had the decency to piss me off. Matched didn't even have the rage factor.

One New Book A Month Challenge


  • Shadowshaper by Daniel José Older
July: tbd
August: tbd
  • Lock & Mori by Heater Petty
October: tbd
November: tbd
December: tbd

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