December 21, 2014

Projected Reading List

The PRL is complete! Yay! Well, almost. It's not technically complete in that all of the spaces are filled in with specific books. I'm leaving some of them as "to be decided."
  • A Book By a Female Author. Besides being a bit sexist, this one is wildly easy. I can fulfill it by grabbing almost any given novel off of my library stack. No need to fence myself in.
  • A Mystery or Thriller. Again, there are a lot of mysteries and a lot of thrillers. 
  • A Nonfiction Book. There are a lot of nonfics, too. Who knows what I'll be in the mood to learn when the time comes to fulfill this item?
  • A Book At The Bottom Of Your To-Read List. I have no idea what my to-read list will look like when I get to this one. It's a mystery.
  • A Book Your Mom Loves. I have yet to ask my mom. Oops. 
  • A Book That Scares You. No book has ever really scared me so I have to play this one by ear.
  • A Book Based Entirely On Its Cover. I do sort of need to see the cover for this one. It's more of a "decide at the library" kind of thing.
  • A Book You Were Supposed To Read In School But Didn't. I'm really not sure if I ever skipped a book I was supposed to read in school. Like I said at the bottom of my PRL page, if I can't find one, I'm rereading Cyrano de Bergerac.
  • A Book I Can Finish In A Day. I'll have to snoop around in the kids' room of the library when I find my "judge a book by its cover" book.
  • A Book With Antonyms In The Title. I'm hoping I get lucky at the library for this one, too.
  • A Book With A Color In The Title. Ditto. There are actually Listopia entries for this one, unlike the antonym one, but this is more of a "leave it to fate" kind of entry.
  • A Graphic Novel. "Leave it to fate," definitely. You have to get a feel for graphic novels in person.
  • A Book By An Author I've Never Read Before. Same thing.
  • A Book I Own But Have Never Read. *looks at stack of 30+ owned-but-unread books on desk* It'll probably be a random choice.
  • A Book Written By An Author With My Initials. I've already decided which author to read - Clark Ashton Smith, apparently a contemporary of Lovecraft - but having never heard of him before, I'm just going to grab the most interesting book off the shelf.
Everything else is on the PRL, but it's also all subject to change. The whims of fate are precocious and everchanging. And my skills at using Listopia continue to improve.

Joyous Reading!

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